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Mahnger Homes — Vancouver based, family-owned developer with a strong focus on relationships and community building.

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Seemingly the new kid on the block, this local developer has been operating in Vancouver since 2009. As their client base has been growing over the last few years, so has their need for a suitable brand and online presence that would represent their development team. This is where we stepped in to help them with their goals.

About mahnger homes

Mahnger Homes Inc. is a Vancouver based, family-owned company that specializes in building, developing and managing boutique single family homes, duplexes and laneway homes.

They understand and respect the communities they build in, and have a high level of respect and appreciation for the neighbourhoods they grew up in. The quality of their work and their ability to build lasting relationships with clients has helped them grow tremenduously over the years.

the challenge

Part of the branding challenge was adapting the brand to an updated company name, which was decided on after our team had already rendered the first logo. Initially intended for Cadence Homes, the branding needed to be adjusted for a new business name.

We wanted to maintain a similar look and feel to the original brand — one that would speak to the company’s name and purpose, while redesigning to match the new criteria. Our iterative process helped us achieve just that.

the solution

Just like the original logo, we wanted to have a three-dimensional aesthetic. We kept the same line and angle styles, and took into consideration the letter “M” as being an integral part of the branding.

The end result created the illusion of the logo being on two different planes when looked at for a long enough time. This was in line with our intention of creating a three-dimensional brand that would represent what the company does in an elegant way.

Boulevard Real Estate Marketing Brochure

the website

To accompany the new branding, our team designed Mahnger Homes’ website. We were tasked with everything from the domain and hosting purchase to procuring personalized content for their online presence.

The final result was a simple and refined website to match the brand’s clean lines, use of ample white space, and mindful application of brand colours. Little touches like anchor links to specific locations on the homepage, a back-to-top button, and beautiful transitions between pages all help create the brand experience that shape the perception of website visitors.

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